Snap 2013-02-09 at 02.49.21In Snotty Literati, we’re going to be very honest. Brutally honest. We will share our opinions No. Holds. Barred. We read a lot and we read pretty good stuff. And while we’re always happy when people are reading at all, we’ve never quite gotten away from feeling that we pretty much know best on this topic. If we like something, we want you to read it too. Consider it a gift—the gift of something we know you are sure to love.

And when you read the thing we love and don’t love it too? A part of us dies. Really. Okay, not really, but don’t tell us. No, wait. Tell us. If we can be honest, you can too and we promise to be cool with it (we just know you’re wrong and that’s okay). Seriously, though, we’re not really such cretins that we can’t see a hint of absurdity in all this. Still. We can’t believe you don’t love The Catcher In The Rye and To Kill A Mockingbird. To put it bluntly, is something wrong with you? Maybe you read it wrong? We mean, may we offer you some help?

At the end of the day, we just love talking books: why some work, why some don’t. In fact, it’s the differing opinions that can inspire the greatest discussions.

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