Want us to review your book? Read the fine print first.

Snotty Literati really, truly likes the freedom to read and review what it likes to read and review. However, we are cautiously and optimistically accepting solicitations for book reviews for 2015 and beyond. We tend to only review about twelve books a year, and our selection process is super subjective—so we’re only going to accept three solicitations per year. Please also know that Snotty Literati is grounded, we’d like to think, on our candor and wit—so we hope our reviews are, you know, thoughtful and respectful but we cannot guarantee they are glowing. It’s imperative that our reviews have some independence and integrity. While nonfiction and memoir are possibilities, we tend to prefer contemporary literary fiction. We’re really not into romance, sci-fi, horror, etc. You might be able to talk us into something uber-popular.

Send inquiries to:
Jennifer (jenniferDOTspiegelATcoxDOTnet) or
Lara (larasonlineATgmailDOTcom).