I have a lot of love for things. People, books, music, food, a great lipgloss, my iPhone. God, I love my iPhone. I think I am “in love” with it. I know. Here, I am sharing some crush-worthy love with you to do with what you will. And by that I mean you will run out and love it as much as I do.

You are welcome.

Author Crushes

Ann Patchett: I adore this woman’s writing. UH. DOHR. She can’t write a bad book. Nope not ever never no. You can find her stuff and my adoration all over this site, just search in that little search bar thingy.

Jess Walter: Smart as hell. Easy on the eyes. Funny. That’s a math equation I can solve. If I only read his novel Beautiful Ruins, I would be happy. But I picked up all his other stuff and I am holding it for the perfect rainy day. God, he better not let me down. I am pretty invested.

Jenny Lawson: Here’s another math equation for you… What do you get when you mix high anxiety, social introversion, fabulous story telling, and a good counselor and steady stream of meds and coping mechanisms? Let’s Pretend This Never Happend: A Mostly True Memoir. Tears streaming down your face you are laughing so hard, that’s what.

Harper Lee: I don’t care that she only wrote one book. It’s kinda a big deal book. Taught in every classroom in America. I don’t even have to put the title of it. You all just know what it is. And if you don’t, you really should be ashamed of yourself (and I will help you out with a hint). Oh and the movie version is just as good and that never happens.

Music Crushes

John Mayer: When he’s not being a douche in some interview, this guy has serious songwriting, playing and singing chops. His songs do for me what books do for me if books could sing. Wait… what? You get the idea, right?

U2: Do they need justification? They are my generation’s version of the Beatles (or the The Rolling Stones, if you prefer).

Melody Gardot: Just download her music. Rich and velvety, it wraps around you, holds you close and keeps you warm.

Pop, Pop, Pop Music: I have an inappropriate amount of love for dumb pop songs. Yes, songs by Katy Perry, Carly Rae Jespsen and Britney Spears. I counter it with the stuff above and people like Paul Simon, The Kings of Leon and Van Halen (other huge crushes).

Other Random but Equally Important Crushes

Mike Birbiglia: I have no problem telling you that Mike Birbiglia is my comedy boyfriend. I first heard him tell this crazy, scary, sad and happy story about deciding to marry his long-time girlfriend Jenny on NPR’s This American Life. Oh, yeah he’s married. All my celebrity boyfriends are, it seems. Anyway. I’ve seen him live three times (once out of state, that’s how great he is). I have all of his comedy CDs, his book and saw his movie Sleepwalk With Me. There’s enough out there that you need to know about him if you don’t already. Google him. You won’t be sorry. And if anything ever happens and he turns up on the available list, I call dibs.

Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling: Fey said, “Bitches get stuff done.” Well, I don’t know if she actually said it, but it’s on some image of her floating across the interwebs and truth of the matter is, these bitches are getting it done. Writing, directing, starring, producing, bucking the system and putting really great stuff out there. Really great. Set your DVR, buy their books, follow them on twitter. Get a twitter account so you can follow them on twitter.

Starbucks: I hate that I have some big ol’ corporate crush on my all-time favorites, but they make the life juice that I drink most mornings. A day without my grande non-fat, no water, light foam chai tea latte is a bit darker, even if my wallet is a little fatter (and my waist a little less so).

Sleep: I love it so much I crave it. Lust after it and need it right now. Plus, you have to be tired of reading all this.