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Your dynamic bookworm duo has completed their first year as Snotty Literati! We have read a lot (over 60 books!), we have written a lot and we do it all for you, dear readers. To entertain, to inform and to spare you the pain we have sometimes endured over a robust year of reading.

Here’s what we read in 2013 (Jennifer’s List and Lara’s List) on what’s worth reading and what you should avoid at all costs. Consider it our gift to you. Next year we will try and write it as one column, but no guarantees. Remember, it’s the thought that counts.

Happy, merry, peace and love and all that to you and yours fom us and ours.


Snotty Literati

P.S. If you want one of those cool bookmarks in the picture up there, visit Gone Reading. They have cool stuff for reading lovers. But we have never ordered from them, so don’t hold us accountable or anything.